N8's PC Repair

& Technical Support

Laptop Repair & Upgrade-Hardware

  • motherboard replacement.
  • processor replacement or upgrade.
  • hard drive replacement or upgrade.
  • memory replacement or upgrade.
  • dvd-rw drive replacement.
  • screen replacement.
  • dc power input replacement.
  • battery replacement or upgrade.
  • power adapter/charger replacement.

  • keyboard replacement.
  • power button replacement.
  • housing/case replacement.
  • touch pad replacement.
  • hinge repair.
  • fan replacement.
  • fan and heat sink clean up
  • wireless range upgrade.
  • audio and mic port solution.
  • dual monitor or projector setup.
Desktop Repair & Upgrades-Hardware

  • motherboard replacement or upgrade.
  • processor replacement or upgrade.
  • hard drive replacement or upgrade.
  • memory replacement or upgrade.
  • dvd-rw drive replacement or upgrade.
  • fan and heat sink clean up and upgrade.
  • power supply replacement or upgrade.
  • wireless range upgrade.
  • graphics card replacement or upgrade.
  • dual monitor setup.
  • case upgrade.
  • fan replacement.
System diagnosis and troubleshooting

  • Computer clean up & virus removal.
       When performing a clean up we first diagnose you computer to find how badly your infected.  This is determined by how malicious the threat  is  to your computer or personal information as well as the difficulty of removal. once diagnosed we will set a plan of action for your best results in saving your personal files and returning your computer to a safe operating state.  We will then review the situation with you and proceed with the corrective measures.

  • Adware and Malware removal.
       Adware and malware can drastically slow your computers performance.  It can cause frustration with never ending popups.
Not only can we resolve the situation we can set up preventative measures to deter this in the future.
  • factory reset. (reinstall operating system)
       Some situations call for a little more work. Depending on the situation recovering your personal files from a badly infected system can be near impossible and time consuming. In situations like this some files are corrupted  and lost. It is important to set up a backup to reduce the information lost before these problems arise .  After recovering your personal files and transferring them to a flash drive we will start the reset process to wipe your drive of all its contents "the bad and the good" and reinstalling your operating system. When the operating system and all drivers have been reinstalled we will return your recovered files back t0 your computer and  you can keep the flash drive for back up. *By request we can also reinstall any software you provide and create a protection plan to reduce the severity of this outcome in the future.
  • Software and Device troubleshooting.
If your are experiencing issues with your programs, web browser(s), email, printers, or any other software or connected devices... we can help over the phone and/or by connecting securely to your computer over the internet.

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